Privacy Policy

We use cookies to save your favourites if you click a heart next to an item. If you do not have an account, we do not keep any information relating to you personally, we only generate a random code which is saved by your browser (a cookie), so that when you return we know which favourites to show you.

If you create an account we save your email address and your chosen password and tie that to the cookie on your browser, or create you a new one, so that we can retrieve your favourites. This feature is designed so that you can shortlist which accessories you are planning to buy.

We do not sell any information.

If you make a purchase, we collect information from the checkout process required to fulfil your order. We use sessions and a cookie to save your information through the checkout process.

We also use cookies from Google and Facebook for analytics and to know that you have visited the website. We do not tie any of this information collected to a specific person.

Payment processing is completed though PayPal and as part of the checkout process we will send your order details and postal address through to their system.

This website is served over https and we take data confidentiality very seriously. We are GDPR compliant.

If you would like to know specific information that we store about you please contact