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Real bride Caroline wearing Bianca Headdress
"I got so many compliments on the headpiece; it was just perfect for the look I wanted and for my shaved head too, I felt incredibly beautiful! I also wanted to say that I think there is so much pressure to wear a wig and have long hair for your wedding when your hair is shaved like mine. Wigs can be great don't get me wrong, but I just wanted to be myself and wear my hair as I would normally at my wedding with a little something special to feel like a bride. I looked and looked online and your site was the first place I saw something I could pull off and that fitted what I was picturing- a lot of headpieces I was seeing are designed for long hair. I am very glad to have landed on it, I think you have so many wonderful pieces for different kinds of brides, I came from having no options to choosing between two so thank you again!"
Real bride Caroline wearing Bianca headdress
Real bride Caroline wearing Bianca Headdress
Real Bride Caroline wearing Bianca Headdress