The process of making a bespoke Gini/Celeste Crown for Carissa ...

Real bride Carissa came to our lovely Kensington, London Showroom during her wedding preparation and found her perfect headpiece by creating a bespoke Gini/Celeste Crown.


How it started … 

Falling in love with three different pieces from the Hermione Harbutt Showroom happens far more often than you would believe! 

This is exactly what happened for our beautiful real bride Carissa, who tried a range of pieces and settled on loving the detailing of both Celeste and Gini, whilst loving the height of a garland crown like Aphrodite.

Celeste Garland

Gini Garland

Aphrodite Crown 

This conundrum sparked our creative thinking and as such a beautiful bespoke crown came to light!


Behind the scenes … 

Placing her order in the London Showroom, the wonderful design imagined by Carissa and the showroom team was communicated to Hermione, who used her artisan techniques to bring the design to life.

Handmade and expertly structured, the design featured the Swarovski crystal, fresh water pearl and gold leaf detailing of the favourite pieces all loved by the bride. Meticulously constructed, the piece came to life in the Bristol based studio, looking sensational both on and off of the mannequin.

Scenes from the studio 

The end result …

Once completed, the bespoke heirloom headpiece created made its way to the bride, alongside a set of beautiful champagne Kensington earrings for Carissa to wearing on her incredible wedding day in Malta. Carissa looked sensational in her Hermione Harbutt pieces paired with her stunning dress and veil. 


Beautiful real bride images captured by Brian Grech Photography.

In the brides words:

“I first came across Hermione Harbutt on Pinterest while looking for a special headpiece for my wedding. I was so pleased when I found out that one of the shops was located in London! When I visited the shop Hermione was so sweet and understanding. I was so delighted to know that she does everything handmade and every piece can be tailored to anyone's likings. When I received my headpiece and earrings I wanted to wear straight away!! They were so beautiful and breathtaking to look at. When I put them on on my wedding day I felt like a queen, her pieces made my look complete. And the best part about them I can wear her pieces again in different ways. I definitely recommend Hermione to anyone as her attention to detail is impeccable. Thank you so much for making me feel like a queen on my special day.”

Re-using her crown

A few years later Carissa wore her beautiful piece again for the Christening of her baby girl and we absolutely love how she used her special piece again! So gorgeous and well styled on both occasions this re-use of her crown as a garland shows how the heirloom pieces created can last for a lifetime.

Images captured at Carissa's daughter's Christening