Royal Ascot Hats and Headpieces: A Tradition of Elegance and Style

The Royal Ascot is not just a renowned horse racing event; it's also a highlight of the British social calendar, synonymous with sartorial elegance and striking millinery displays. Hats and headpieces have always been a significant part of the Royal Ascot's tradition and style, as attendees express their individuality while respecting the event's dress code. This post will take a closer look at Royal Ascot hats and headpieces, with a focus on Hermione Harbutt's enchanting creations.

The Art of Royal Ascot Millinery

A beautifully designed hat or headpiece can be the crowning glory of any Royal Ascot ensemble. It can express a wearer's style, creativity, and even their personality. From glamorous wide-brimmed hats to distinctive and unique headpieces, the choices are endless and exciting.

Hermione Harbutt's Collection for Royal Ascot

At Hermione Harbutt, we believe in creating accessories that are not just beautiful, but also unique and high quality. Each piece is handcrafted by Hermione herself, using the finest materials to ensure luxury and exclusivity.

Our Royal Ascot collection is a homage to the event's tradition, blended seamlessly with contemporary style and innovation. Each headpiece and hat is a unique piece of wearable art, designed to make every woman feel special and stand out in the crowd.

Take, for example, our Collette Crescent Halo, which is crafted with Parasisal Capeline straw embellished with golden leaves and the finest freshwater pearls. This piece, like all our designs, is not just an accessory, but a conversation starter that mirrors the distinctive style of its wearer.

Elevate your race-day or wedding guest ensemble with the ethereal beauty of our Eden Headdress. Delicate chiffon butterflies flutter along soaring golden vines, accompanied by clusters of golden blossoms, rose quartz gemstones, and glistening crystal beads. Crafted on a ribbon-covered band for unrivalled comfort, the Eden Headdress complements a wide range of hairstyles. Its blush pink and gold colour scheme adds a touch of romance and allure to any occasion. From the Races to wedding celebrations, the Eden Headdress is a captivating accessory that exudes elegance and charm.

Styling Tips for Your Ascot Headpiece

Choosing the right headpiece or hat and styling it correctly is crucial to nailing your Royal Ascot look. A quick tip to remember is to check the requirements of where you'll be to ensure your headdress is perfect for the day!

Bespoke Service for a Tailored Experience

At Hermione Harbutt, we offer a bespoke service for clients who prefer a custom-made design that perfectly matches their outfit and personal style. This unique service allows you to work closely with Hermione, creating a headpiece or hat that will make your Royal Ascot experience truly unforgettable.


Whether you're a seasoned Royal Ascot attendee or it's your first experience, a Hermione Harbutt headpiece or hat will add a touch of glamour and style to your ensemble. Visit our online store or our showrooms in London and Bristol to explore our full range of Ascot headpieces and hats.

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In the world of Hermione Harbutt, every woman deserves to feel like royalty. Embrace your regal side with our accessories – a seamless blend of tradition, elegance, and modern style.