Pastel Headpieces: Channeling Soft Elegance for Any Occasion

The allure of pastel hues lies in their gentle, soothing character that exudes a sense of calm and elegance. When incorporated into headpieces, these colours lend a soft, romantic touch, making them perfect for weddings, garden parties, and various other occasions. In this blog post, we delve into the world of pastel headpieces, spotlighting Hermione Harbutt's beautifully handcrafted collection.

The Soft Charm of Pastel Headpieces

Pastel headpieces are a delightful addition to any ensemble. Their subtle, muted tones effortlessly blend with various colour palettes, and they bring a dash of romance and femininity to your look. Whether you're a bride seeking the perfect accessory or a guest at a summer soirée, a pastel headpiece can beautifully elevate your style.

Hermione Harbutt's Pastel Headpiece Collection

At Hermione Harbutt, each accessory is a work of art, handcrafted by Hermione herself with the finest materials. We strive to create pieces that embody luxury, elegance, and a unique personality that resonates with the wearer.

Our pastel headpiece collection is a testament to this ethos. Each piece is a delicate blend of soft-hued gems and intricate designs that reflect the gentle charm of pastel shades.

Take for instance our Meadow Crown, made from petite Swarovski and mother of pearl blooms in soft pastel tones, all nestled amongst delicate tendrils of pearls and gold. Its design features are sophisticated yet playful. As with all our pieces, it serves as a reflection of your unique style and the centrepiece of your ensemble.

Immerse yourself in a whimsical world of enchantment with our Enchanted Garden Headdress. Crafted with intricate details, this golden leaf crown is adorned with delicate soft pink, blush, and lilac Swarovski crystal blooms, complemented by peridot leaves and 24ct gold plated blossoms. Each element comes together to create a captivating accessory that evokes the beauty of an enchanted garden. Designed to be a true statement piece, the Enchanted Garden Headdress is a testament to your individual style and adds a touch of ethereal charm to any occasion.

Styling Your Pastel Headpiece

When it comes to styling pastel headpieces, consider the colours and tones you are using. This can help harmonise your pastel headpiece with your overall look, enhancing the gentle elegance that these pieces offer.

Bespoke Service for a Customised Experience

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind accessory, Hermione Harbutt offers a bespoke service. Collaborate with Hermione to design a custom headpiece that aligns seamlessly with your style and event.


Pastel headpieces offer a touch of soft, romantic charm to any look. Browse Hermione Harbutt's pastel headpiece collection online or visit our showrooms in London and Bristol to find the perfect piece.

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At Hermione Harbutt, we believe in the power of accessories to express your individual style. Embrace the gentle charm of pastel shades with our headpieces and add a touch of romance and elegance to your special occasions.