New Christmas and Party Occasionwear Line!

We are very excited to announce that our new occasionwear line has now launched! It includes all your favourite Hermione Harbutt classics, from the crescents to the hair pins, with an additional dash of colour. 
These pieces are perfect for upcoming Christmas parties, New Years Eve events and even gifting to that special someone. 
Have a look at our beautiful new collections in more detail below!



This collection features a wave of golden branches embellished with stunning, jewel-tone Swarovski crystals and gemstones creating Cleo - a colourful masterpiece perfect for any occasion! 

Shop the headpiece, scatter pins, cuff bracelet and earrings now!


Amaranthine accentuates Amethyst gemstones with tonal Swarovski crystals, intricately embellished over 24ct gold plated branches and leaves. This collection features a darling headpiece mounted onto a discreet ribbon covered band for comfortable wear as well as double drop earrings that dangle to create the most dashing occasionwear accessory.


This luxurious colourful collection is embellished with intricate details of 24ct gold plated leaves and florals, Swarovski crystals and gemstones. Mounted on a fuschia velvet band for the ultimate headpiece, or on a gold base for the earrings and hairpins, this versatile collection is suitable to wear with any hairstyle and outfit.  


The Twilight Collection exhibits luxury 24ct gold plated florals and leaves, accented with black Swarovski crystals. Choose from gold stud earrings, delicate hairpins and a black satin band- or all three for a dreamy twilight look of luxury!


Do you want to stand out from the crowd, or know someone who would? This collection is the perfect statement. Featuring emerald Swarovski crystals set within 24ct gold plated leaves arranged into a stunning halo or trio. Mounted onto a discreet ribbon covered band for comfortable wear or a gold plated hook fastening


Statement fuchsia Swarovski crystals framed with colourful crystal accents feature in this headpiece and set of earrings. This stunning collection can be dressed up for a ‘fiesta’ or party, and dressed down, for a more casual dinner party look. 


This collection extends the original Midnight series, featuring a navy satin band, garland and matching gold earrings. Wanting a royal and grand look? The 24ct gold plated florals and leaves, accented with blue sandstone gemstones and tonal Swarovski crystals, are perfect for you!


Dinner, drinks, wedding or party? This versatile collection featuring 24ct gold plated Ivy leaves embellished with emerald Swarovski crystals and gemstones, is perfect for any occasion. Choose from earrings, hairpins and a garland, or all three for completing your outfit for any outing. 


Are you looking for something fun and playful, yet sophisticated and elegant? Then this collection is perfect for you. A rainbow of Swarovski crystals embellished and handmade into a crescent, hairpins and earrings, versatile enough for you to wear with any look at any event!


Feel and look like fire in our Flame Headdress and Earrings. Featuring a vibrant red colouring with golden stars set with sparkling Swarovski crystals. This set is the perfect show stopping statement. 


Luxurious clusters of garnet gemstones, deep red and burgundy Swarovski crystals create the statement Mulberry Collection. Feeling festive? This is the perfect piece for your Christmas look. 


Pink tone Swarovski crystals and soft green peridot frame dainty blooms and golden leaves creating this foxglove inspired collection. The exquisite florals and tendrils are a delicate touch and perfect if you have a love for exquisite detail.


Our Velvette collection features a luxurious velvet plait embellished with clusters of Swarovski crystals, accented with 24ct gold plated leaves and florals. The matching earrings highlight golden flowers framed with Swarovski crystals and gemstones. This collection is available in four colour tones: gold, berry, emerald and black. 



The Bloom Collection is made of statement brass blooms set with clusters of Swarovski crystals and gemstones. These colourful romantic pieces work with all colour combinations thanks to their array of colourful gemstones.


The Sylvie Collection is perfect if you want to take your look from day to evening in the most glamourous and fun way! Made with clusters of Swarovski crystals, gemstones and 24ct gold plated leaves woven into earrings, hair pins and a luxurious velvet plait


This beautiful collection including a headdress, earrings and hairpins, is a showstopper. Handmade with brass roses set with jet Swarovski crystals clustered together to create the Dark Rose Collection.