Met Gala Headpieces: A Symphony of Art, Fashion and Extravagance

The Met Gala is, without a doubt, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the fashion calendar. It's a night where fashion, art, and celebrity culture blend, producing a visual spectacle that captivates the world. Among the most eye-catching elements of the Met Gala outfits are the headpieces - striking, creative, and often boundary-pushing. In this blog post, we explore the exciting world of Met Gala headpieces, with a particular focus on the exquisite offerings from Hermione Harbutt.

The Dramatic Role of Headpieces at the Met Gala

In the Met Gala's thematic celebration of fashion, headpieces play a crucial role in completing an ensemble. They act as bold statements of personal style, creative expression, and a tribute to the event's theme. From lavish crowns to avant-garde constructions, these headpieces embody the Met Gala's spirit of extravagance and innovation.

Hermione Harbutt's Met Gala Collection

At Hermione Harbutt, we're committed to creating handcrafted accessories that merge luxury, elegance, and individuality. Each of our pieces, meticulously crafted by Hermione, exudes exclusivity and artistic charm. Our Met Gala collection pushes the boundaries of traditional accessory design, reflecting the event's ethos.

Consider, for example, our Flame Headdress. This headpiece is made on a red satin band embellished with golden stars set with sparkling Swarovski crystals, features. Like every piece in our collection, it's designed to be more than an accessory - it's a conversation piece, encapsulating the individual style and spirit of the wearer.

Step into a world of opulence and grace with our exquisite Peacock Halo. Set with radiant emerald Swarovski crystals, nestled within intricately arranged 24k gold plated leaves, this halo exudes a regal charm. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using tarnish-resistant jewellery wire, ensuring its longevity and enduring beauty. The Peacock Halo is a true masterpiece, capturing the majestic allure of the peacock with its rich colours and elegant design. Whether worn with an elegant up-do or flowing locks, this halo is the epitome of sophistication and adds a touch of glamour to your Met Gala look.

Styling Your Met Gala Headpiece

Choosing the right headpiece and styling it to complement your outfit is key to your Met Gala look. A pro tip when styling your headpiece is to add matching accessories which compliment the look! Take a look at our Flame Earrings here!

Bespoke Creations for Your Unique Look

Hermione Harbutt offers a bespoke service for those who want a unique, custom-made headpiece that perfectly aligns with their vision. Collaborate with Hermione to create a distinctive headpiece that will make your Met Gala appearance unforgettable.


Whether you're attending the Met Gala or simply appreciate its unique blend of fashion and art, a Hermione Harbutt headpiece is a perfect way to incorporate that high-fashion flair into your look. Visit our online store or our showrooms in London and Bristol to discover our Met Gala collection.

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In the world of Hermione Harbutt, every woman deserves her moment of glamour and individuality. Step into the spotlight with our accessories, where art, style, and luxury unite.